Specific Gravity


Specific Gravity of Various Plastics

SPECIFIC GRAVITY- The ratio of the weight of the molded piece as compared to the weight of an equal volume of water ASTM D792.

Polybutylene 0.60

Polymethylpentene 0.83

Ethylene-propylene 0.86

Polypropylene 0.90-0.92


LDPE 0.91-0.93

LLDPE 0.91-0.94

HDPE 0.96-0.97

Polybutene 0.91-0.92

Natural rubber 0.91

Butyl rubber 0.92

Styrene-butadiene 0.93


PA-12 1.02 PA-11 1.04 PA-6 1.12-1.13 PA-66 1.13-1.15

ABS 1.04-1.07

Polystyrene 1.05

Polyacronitrile 1.17

Polyvinyl acetate 1.19

Polycarbonate 1.2

Polychloroprene rubber 1.23

Polysulphone 1.24

Polyethylene terephtalate 1.34-1.39

PVC 1.37-1.39

POM 1.41-1.43

Polytetrafluorethylene 2.27

Soon to follow:Simple examples of how to convert volume of your part from cubic cm or cubic inches to ounces and pounds per thousand parts.

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